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Chapter Operations


About This Course

This course focuses on the details of running the on-campus portion of a Bridge Project. It will take you through the organizational structures of various campus operation modes (for-credit, club, etc...) and provide examples for how other teams have run their chapters in the past. This course also discusses the important step of travel preparation.


It is required that you previously have taken the Bridge Program Introduction course before this course.

Course Staff

Brenton Kreiger

Bridge Program Coordinator

Brittany Margritz

In-Country Manager (Eswatini)

2020 Summer Interns

Alex Fine, Ahad Naeem, Alexandra Guevara, Gopi Ramanathan, Woodley Burrow, and Sarah Wan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should take this course?

This course is required by all students on University Teams in the EIA Bridge Program.